Easy- Spooky Magic! – Skeleton girl

Let me show you the Spooky magic!
The moment you looked, a pretty girl become a skeleton girl. 💀


Do you understand this magic trick?
It was a simple trick using the property of this PILOT Frixion Ball that disappears with heat.

Let’s try it.
You need …

  • PILOT Frixion Ball
  • Normal pen
  • Paper cup
  • Hot water

    1) First, draw the skeleton girl with a normal pen.


    2) Then black out the area you want to hide with a Frixion ball.
    3) Then, pour hot water into the paper cup. (Don’t get burnt.) Hey presto!
    Only the part you draw with the Frixion ball disappeared!💀

    It’s so easy. Have a try!
    (Don’t get burnt🔥)
    If you make a Mizna DIY thing, please share with #miznadiy on Instagram! Thank you!



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